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Meeshows Selections Platform

is a cross-border e-commerce platform that focuses on supporting the development of small and medium-sized sellers.

Our goal is to assist businesses with physical stores or online e-commerce stores in growing together.

Our core mission is to provide urban partners with brand authorization, logistics services, and warehousing services, allowing them to not only maintain revenue from traditional businesses but also gain customer resources from online advertising.

Customer Base: Meeshows Selections Platform welcomes small and medium-sized sellers to become our partners. Whether you operate a physical store or an online e-commerce store, we are committed to growing together with you. Once you become a partner in a city, we will provide you with comprehensive support, including the use of online advertising resources to help you expand your customer base.

Core Products:

Brand Series: We have established strategic partnerships with numerous Chinese brand manufacturers, deeply integrating into the Chinese industrial chain. Through the Meeshows Selections Platform, these Chinese brand products can expand overseas through online and offline partnership models, assisting in the long-term development of brand internationalization strategies.

Selection Series: Meeshows Selections also launches a series of Meeshows Selections brand replacement products. These products come from factories in China that manufacture for global first-tier brands, offering first-tier quality at affordable prices.

Core Services:

Brand Authorization: We collaborate with Chinese brand manufacturers and obtain authorization to sell their products. We then authorize these products to our online or offline partners, enabling you to legally sell these branded products.

Price Services: Products on the Meeshows Selections Platform are sold at wholesale prices, allowing both offline and online sellers to obtain products at competitive prices, promoting a win-win cooperation.

Dropshipping: We provide dropshipping services, offering convenient logistics solutions to online sellers to ensure efficient delivery of orders.

Commission Alliance: Meeshows Selections Platform offers a win-win opportunity for everyone. By sharing the advertising materials we provide with your social circle, you can earn a commission of 7% to 30% for every order, achieving mutual development and benefits.

Meeshows Selections Platform is committed to establishing partnerships with sellers, providing them with comprehensive support and resources to help them succeed in the field of cross-border e-commerce. Whether you are a brand manufacturer, a physical store owner, or an online seller, you are welcome to join us and explore broader market opportunities together.

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